Born of an Urgent Need to Simplify and Reduce Manufacturing Overhead

Simply put—our success depends on your success. We pledge to develop our products with your input and your interests in mind. Join us on our quest. It boils down to "dollars and common sense".  

As a manufacturer, you have witnessed first-hand, the growing list of requirements and shrinking margins that plague manufacturers today.  So called "Solutions" on the market generally cover only 1 single aspect of your business leaving you to fill the void with yet another application to buy and maintain. Or worse yet... More dreaded Spreadsheets! Not a very efficient or cost effective way to get it done.



There IS a Better Way  

Coming from the Manufacturing Industry, our Founders have felt your pain. With deep understanding of manufacturing from Corporate QA to Floor QC, From Sales to Shop Management, we understand the issues you face daily and are here to help you eliminate the hurdles. You should be concentrating on making parts... Not on your Manufacturing Operating System. Make your shop Flow with Simply Manufacturing®.


All-in-One Solution

  • ERP
  • MRP (with Rentals Management)
  • QA/QC
  • HR
  • Document Management
  • Contact Management
  • Drawing Manager
  • And much more...

We will greatly reduce manufacturing overhead...Guaranteed!

■ Lowest entry & deployment cost in the industry

■ Lowest TCO in the industry

■ No software to “buy”. EVER

■ Fully automated updates.

■ Custom solution built just for YOUR needs. Why conform to to your software?

■ All data to all points within your company INSTANTLY

■ Go Paperless... (To whatever degree you choose)

■ No In-House servers to worry about.

■ Work anywhere you have an internet connection or signal on your smarphone/tablet

■ Ability to create up to 25 additional child companies (group structuring)

■ Instant Enterprise communications

■ Skype© 1 Touch Integrated for additional cost controlling methods

■ Your data is YOUR DATA... All of your data is exportable in any format.