Drawing Management


Simply Prints®

Now Included inside Simply Manufacturing... Same great application, fully embeded into our Manufacturing Enterprise Software!


Simple... embedded application allows the user to:

  • Quickly drill down to specific Manufacturing Data.

  • Enter sizing and connection information


  • Web App runs on PC/Mac/Linux desktops as well as SmartPhones and Tablet Computers!

  • Cloud-based app enables you unlimited points of instantly distributable data.


Multiple Points of Use:

  • Retrieve Manufacturing Data in a Flash

  • Outside Sales (distribute to multiple points instantly)

  • Inside Sales

  • Operators (cloud order from your SmartPhone)

  • Buyers (show them EXACTLY what you want)

  • And much more...

Simple tool selection Simple Selection  

Generate prints, inspections and notes in seconds!

Simply Prints is an easy-to-use web app that works on all browsers, tablets and smart phones.

A few clicks, and your fully compliant manufacturing data including annotated prints, inspections and relevant notes are ready to go!



What's Included (Pre-Loaded for your convenience)What's included

Quick Reference

  • Hardness Conversion Chart

Forms and Certificates

  • Inspection forms

  • Certificate of Compliance

  • Non-conformance report

  • Thread Inspection sheets

  • And more...

Tool Diagrams

  • High-quality diagrams for major stock tools and parts.

  • Standards approved Compliant

  • Fill-in your own dimensions

  • Includes Inspection sheets

The Application


  • Web-based - accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection

  • Generates fully-compliant PDF diagrams

  • All diagrams include Annotated Notes and fully-populated Inspection sheets

  • Generate dimensions and calculated values in seconds!

  • Save to file, or email documents right from the app


  • No software to download

  • No secuity device required

  • Real-time data means drawings are always up-to-date

  • Order to manufacturing in Seconds!


Tool Selection

Rotary Shouldered Connections  

  • Rotary Shouldered Box Connections with and without Boreback

  • Rotary Shouldered Pin Connections with and without Stress Relief Groove

Casing Tubing

  • Line Pipe Pin Connections

  • Line Pipe Couplings

  • EU Pins

  • EU Couplings

  • NU Pins

  • NU Couplings

Line Pipe Connections

  • Long Thread Casing Pins

  • Long Thread Casing Couplings

  • Short Thread Casing Pins

  • Short Thread Casing Couplings

Drill Collars

  • Stock Drill Collars to 8-5/8"



  • Square Kellys

  • Hexagonal Kellys


  • Drill Collar Subs

  • Kelly Subs

  • Swivel Subs