• Multi-level bill of materials - with error trapping to prevent recursive BOMs.

  • Phantom bills - automatically explode into components when a parent work order is created.

  • Automatic cost rolls ups on change of BOM or component costs.

  • Works orders can have multiple output items for handling by-products.

  • Optional automatic backflushing or auto-issue of components.

  • Issues to works orders and receipts of finished goods from work orders integrated to inventory and GL.

  • Issue of labor and time or other services to works order.

  • Work order costing - automatic weighted average cost updates (or manual standard costing updates).

  • Usage variances reported to GL - inventory category record determines GL accounts.

  • Demand for components of work orders shows in stock status inquiries.

  • Full MRP - Material Requirements Planning with master production schedule/forecast maintenance and creation facilities. Fast full recursive calculation of MRP - (note that capacity requirements planning and MRP II functionality is NOT currently available in Simply Manufacturing, but will be soon).