• Users can be defined with access to only certain options using a role based model

  • Options applicable to certain roles can be graphically configured and users defined as fulfilling a given role.

  • Incorrect entry of password (more than 3 times) blocks the account until reset by the System Administrator. This prevents password crackers from breaking the security.

  • Pages can be encrypted using SSL and Simply Manufacturing can be configured to only display pages using SSL to ensure that all information passing over the internet is encrypted.

  • Users can be defined to see only certain modules on the main menu - so menu options that they will not have access to are not even displayed on screen.

  • HTTP security can be configured over the top of the inbuilt security to provide two levels of security - the first to access the web-server at all and the second to actually get into Simply Manufacturing

  • An audit trail of which users did what is retained and is automatically maintained based on how long the information is required to be kept

  • All inputs are sanitized to prevent SQL injections and cross site scripting.